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Welcome to Lyrics on Icons. I don't just post lyrical Icons but I also make stock icons and everything else. :) So go on, add away! =)

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♥ Please don't bother adding this journal if you are not willing to follow the rules.
♥ You have to comment in my friends only entry if you want to be added back.
♥ If I see that you don't credit your icons properly, I will not add you.
♥ Everytime you add me, I will be checking your journal to see whether it is fake. I will not add empty journals.
♥ Please ADD ME FIRST.

I will be checking each and every person who has friended me and i've friended back, if they belong to a icon stealing community then I will be banning them from my icon-journal.

Just a warning. Because recently, I found out that one of you posted my icons in an icon stealing community. Please acknowledge that I put a lot of hard work and a lot of time into making icons for you guys. So please do respect my work.

really appreciate those who have been commenting and who have been crediting. You guys rock. ;]

Reasons Why You We're not Added Back or why you were banned:

+ You belong to an icon stealing community or a icon sharing community
+ You aren't crediting the icons that aren't made by you
+ You don't have any journal entries and are using a fake journal
+ You have not been commenting on the icons you've been taking from me

Please don't ever Hotlink or I will be closing this journal down, okay? You know I love you guys. :]

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Started journal: July 06